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Biden Has Reopened the Health Insurance Marketplace at “Obamacare”. Important Info

President Joe Biden recently signed an executive order that involved the reopening of insurance marketplace. This will allow people without health insurance an opportunity to shop and enroll in a health insurance plan offered through the Affordable Care Act “ACA”, which is also known by many as “Obamacare”.

Starting February 15, 2021 and continuing through May 15, 2021, the Marketplace using will use a SEP (Special Enrollment Period) to allow all eligible consumers to submit a new application for health insurance coverage. This will also allow existing enrollees to make plan changes. Health plans will have an effective starts date of the 1st of the month following enrollment approval.

The health insurance team at Strategic Benefits is ready to assist consumers in Nebraska & Iowa with this new health insurance enrollment period. Please contact us at 402-740-1530 or


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