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Short Term PPO Health Insurance 

Purchase Short Term Health Insurance 

In need of temporary health insurance coverage while in between jobs? Please utilize the self-service quoting and enrollment links provided by United Healthcare and Allstate to quote, enroll, and self-manage your temporary insurance needs. Strategic Benefits offers full agency services for long-term health insurance strategies. ALL visitors can use the self-service quoting and enrollment tools provided on this page for temporary short-term health insurance needs. 

Underwritten PPO Network - Short Term health insurance plans can provide flexible coverage terms from 30 days up to 36 months in Nebraska and Iowa. These plans are also referred to as Temporary Health Insurance Plans (or) Underwritten PPO Plans. You can select the specific coverage duration to meet your needs. Coverage can also begin the next day without a qualifying event. Premiums can be paid monthly or with a discounted single payment. 


Short Term health insurance plans are not for everyone. We encourage reading our most recent BLOG post regarding key differences between Short-Term vs. Major Medical plans. Click HERE to learn more.

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Please Note: Short Term health insurance plans are not qualified under the Affordable Care Act. They do not include new benefits, rights, and protections under the ACA, and are not considered minimal essential coverage. 

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