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Group Health Insurance Strategies

New Strategies For Nebraska Employers

Rethinking the group health insurance strategy for your small to mid-sized business with 5-100 employees enrolled? An underwritten Level-Funded Health Insurance Plan can help control your group's health care spend with competitive premium rates and improved access to richer health plan options. The team at Strategic Benefits is helping Nebraska business owners lower their health insurance premiums with alternative funding strategies, like a Level-Funded group health plans. This strategy is ideal for employers with 5 to 100 employees enrolled in group health insurance. Underwritten level-funded health plans are being offered by Blue Cross, United Healthcare, Medica, Aetna, and Allstate. Strategic Benefits is accepting (new) employer group clients who will have 5 or more employees enrolled in the group medical plan.

Traditional small group ACA health insurance plans tend to be expensive for small to mid-sized employers with a confusing age-rated premium setup. Many employers are turning to underwritten level funded health plans to eliminate age-based rates. Level funded health plans offer the advantage of lower fixed monthly composite premiums, plan design flexibility, and refund potential.  


Ready to Learn More About Level Funded Health Plans?  

Strategic Benefits partners with numerous health insurance carriers in Nebraska that offer level funded group health insurance plans. The following Health Insurance companies offer level funded group health plans to Nebraska based employers: Blue Cross, United Healthcare, Medica, Aetna, and Allstate.

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