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Council Bluffs Group Health Insurance

Choosing an Employee Benefits Broker

One of the most sought-after workplace benefits that employees in the Council Bluffs area look for is an affordable group health insurance plan at their work.


With Council Bluffs, IA proximity to a growing metro area of nearly 500,000 residents and thousands of businesses, the challenge to retain and attract top employee talent in Council Bluffs is very pressing. South West Iowa is also negatively impacted by very high-cost individual health insurance options. This combination makes an employee’s need for health insurance at work even greater.

If your business is not currently offering a group health insurance plan or a competitive benefits package, employee retention and attraction may have already become a problem.

The agency team with Strategic Benefits work aggressively to establish to create and establish competitive employee benefits packages and group health plans for businesses in Council Bluffs and the surrounding area.


Our agency leader, Mike Mandolfo, grew up in southwest Iowa and is a graduate of Thomas Jefferson High School. He currently works with dozens of Council Bluffs’ area businesses and hundreds of individuals on their health insurance and employee benefit plans.


Interested in learning more? Unlike many brokerage firms, we offer a free consultation to review your current benefits, discuss plan administration, and any compliance concerns surrounding benefits your company may have. We can also discuss setting up a benefits package for the first time. Contact the team at Strategic Benefits at 402-740-1530.

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