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Choosing an Employee Benefits Advisor

One of the most desired benefits that employees in Omaha look for is a high-quality group health insurance plan.

Omaha, Nebraska is home to many large employers, including 5 Fortune 500 companies. Many of these companies have the financial resources to offer very comprehensive benefits packages at very low costs to their employees. Nebraska also ranks poorly in the affordability of individual health insurance plans (non-employer sponsored).

If your business is not offering a competitive group health insurance plan to your employees, retaining and attracting top talent may become an issue due to high-cost individual plans and benefit-rich employers in Omaha.

Strategic Benefits specializes in establishing competitive employee benefits packages for small to mid-sized employers in Omaha. We keep cost low, value high and benefit compliance in check. 

If you're an Omaha area business and interested in offering group health insurance benefits to your employees for the first time or would like a free consultation to review your current employee benefits program, plan administration, and compliance concerns, please contact us at 402-740-1530 to set up an appointment. Strategic Benefits specializes in employers with (10-100) employees enrolled in group health insurance. 

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