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Strategies for Self-Employed Families 

The agency team at Strategic Benefits are product experts in creating long-term health insurance strategies for self-employed families. We are Marketplace certified and have been awarded Elite Circle of Champions by the Federal Marketplace ( for 5+ years due to our commitment to serving the health insurance needs of families in the greater Omaha area.

Our recommendations and guidance are best suited for self-employed families with “long-term” health insurance coverage needs. We are currently accepting (new) family health insurance clients who are committed to keeping in-force coverage for 12+ months. Strategic Benefits does not provide temporary / short-term health insurance services.

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Please Note: This webpage only includes summary highlights of important importation that can be found on Enrollment links on this page may direct you to a health insurance company or to our private exchange plans that can also be found on directly. For full health insurance marketplace information please visit Please NoteStrategic Benefits DOES NOT offer temporary health insurance coverage solutions.   

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