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Group Health Insurance Market Segments

Choosing a Group Health Insurance Plan

More often than not, the health insurance plan offered by prospective employers is the deciding factor for an employee choosing where to work. We want to make sure you retain and attract the best employees, and a competitive health insurance plan is a great way to achieve it. Group Health Insurance plans are broken down by your business size below. Whether you're a start-up company or have 1000 employees, we have the tools and experience to put together a comprehensive group health insurance plan for your business. 

Strategic Benefits is currently accepting (new) employer clients with at minimum 7+ employees enrolled in the group medical plan.   

Small-Group Health Insurance 


Small group health insurance in Nebraska and Iowa is available to employers with 2-50 eligible/full-time employees. With the help of the Affordable Care Act, starting in 2014 all fully insured small group health insurance plans are community rated. This means there is no more underwriting based on health history or gender of your employees. An employee and their dependents are assigned a rate based solely on their age. With the help of Strategic Benefits, it's very easy to get a small group health insurance proposal from numerous health insurance companies. It's also very easy to start a small group health plan for the first time or to change health insurance companies anytime during the year. 

Mid-Market Group Health Insurance

Mid-Market group health insurance is available to employers with 51-99 eligible/full-time employees. In mid-market, health insurance underwriting of your employees' health history is a factor in finalizing rates. Because underwriting requirements are different from one health insurance company to the next, it doesn't benefit an employer to collect hundreds of employee health insurance forms just to receive bad rates. Strategic Benefits is here to help analyze your employee demographics, apply underwriting strategies, and pursue the best health insurance carrier that will be beneficial and fair in underwriting your business.

Large Group Health Insurance

Large Group Health Insurance is available to employers with 100+ eligible/full-time employees. Depending on your business size and goals, employers will either take a traditional fully insured approach to their health insurance (or) they will establish a self-funded health insurance plan. Self-funded is an attractive option for employers who want to customize their plan and control their healthcare cost.  Roughly 85% of employers under 250 employees fully insure their health insurance plan. Strategic Benefits has the partners in place to help build the fully insured or self-funded health insurance plan that meets the needs of your employees and budget. 

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