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Employee Benefits

Choosing an Employee Benefits Broker

One of the most effective ways to retain and attract the best employee talent is to offer a competitive employee benefits program. A well implemented benefits package will have long-lasting improvements to employee morale, new employee recruitment, and overall employee retention. 


A CORE Employee Benefits program will traditionally include:


There are many important items for employers to consider when offering an employee benefits program:


  • What benefits should we offer to our employees?

  • How much will each benefit cost the business and employees?

  • What type of benefits are employers in my industry offering?

  • Is my contribution strategy competitive for a business my size?

  • Do my employees value the benefit package we offer to them?

  • Is my benefits package compliant with ERISA, DOL, and ACA?


In addition, there are important factors to consider when choosing your employee benefits insurance broker:


  • Will my broker be presenting all insurance carrier options available to my business during renewal or just a few that compensate them the best?

  • Has a 60-90 day review been established to prepare for your benefits renewal?

  • Will my broker be participating in benefit open enrollment, presenting, and educating my employees, or leaving that responsibility with me?

  • Is my broker keeping me up-to-date and compliant with ERISA, DOL, and all guidelines under the Affordable Care Act?

  • Most importantly, will my broker be an advocate for my HR team and employees who need assistance with difficult benefits and claims issues? 


Here at Strategic Benefits, we ensure that you have a competitive employee benefits program that meets employee needs, is compliant, and remains affordable.

The agency team at Strategic Benefits is your local expert in managing employer group benefits for Nebraska businesses with  5-99 employees actively enrolled in group health insurance. We’d enjoy the opportunity to review your employee benefit package and provide a 2nd opinion. Strategic Benefits is accepting (new) employer group clients who will have 5 or more employees enrolled in the group medical plan.

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